Catulo Tango

Catulo Tango

The most participative show in town

Dinner Show (Show with dinner included)  U$S 59,90

Only Show (Show, drinks and coffee included) U$S 39,90


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Catulo Tango Show is a very local show, of great artistic skill and showing the best of traditional tango and also charming stage tango, in a comfortable and cozy environment with local flavor.

Catulo Tango is a celebration of the old family gatherings. It is not a theater but a ball room for the family, where everyone, adults and children, are welcome.

The stage is literally at the center of the hall allowing the public to have the same view regardless of their seat. On the stage the eight dancers move comfortably between the different tango styles. There are charming moments of traditional tango, or tango to the floor, this is when feet brush the floor. There is also great artistic demonstrations of stage tango of captivating sensuality. And suddenly, without noticing, a couple dances in between the tables interacting with the public.

We are delighted by the voices of the two singers who sing solo and also in romantic duets. The female singer embraces us with a sweet and refined poise, also she is delightful host for the show. The male voice contributes to the show with a strong and robust presence. There is a magic moment where the show pays homage to the golden age of tango of the 40s and, particularly to the most known woman of our history, Eva Peron.

At Catulo Tango everyone will have his/her moment, as the host will ask for a public recognition to whomever, among the public, is having an occasion to celebrate, an anniversary or birthday, and wants to share the joy with the others.

The band of seven members deserves a special mention, they entertain with a varied repertoire of the most respected composers, including Catulo Castillo, who inspires the show. Tangos are performed sometimes with rich melody and intimism, or with robust rhythm towards the climax of the grand finale, creating a delightful moment of complicity with the dancers and their choreography of traditional tango.

The menu is very much traditional homemade, with eight choices for main course including Tenderloin steak, vegetable crepes, sorrentinos, or ravioli.

Catulo Tango Show is a warm and participative show in a family oriented setting allowing you to enjoy the best of the traditional tango. You will leave feeling like a local of the city.

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Starts at: 8.30pm dinner, 10.15pm show.

Transport: Free for San Telmo, Recoleta, Madero, Palermo and Downtown. (additional USD15 apply for location outside the ones named).

Show duration: 1,30 hours.

Payment: Cash (Best rate, safe payment in the Tango House and Transfer in upgraded to private), PayPal, Credit card.

Ensamble: 4 musicians on stage, 2 singers, 6 Dancers.

*Full standard dinner, with drinks included, free round transfer with upgraded transfer in to direct private. Transfer back provided by the Tango House under their terms and conditions and confirmed before your payment. Safe and warranted payment.


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Show and Dinner (Three course meal - Wine or Beer - Water and Coffee)
Only Show (Wine or Beer - Water and Coffee)