Café de los Angelitos

Café de los Angelitos

Dinner Show (Show with dinner with drinks)  U$S 109,90*

Only Show (Show and a drink) U$S 79,90*

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El Café de los Angelitos is a traditiona tango house where it is offered a show of pure refinement and sensuality, with a remarkable scenography and lighting and a stylish gourmet menu.

This Tango venue offers a particularly sensual show, displaying a diversity of tango styles, always escorted by the quintet conformed by young musicians of great talent. Duets of dancers achieve extreme sensuality and in the group numbers the highlight is the synchronicity and symmetry in the dance. During either of them the audience will keep in their memory images of stunning beauty and delicacy, very few times seen before.

There is excellent traditional tango as well as stage tango. Costumes play a very important role. There is abundancy of design, exquisite fabrics and the beautiful glitter of the Swarovsky stones embroidered in the dresses.

Lighting contributes to the creation of diverse effects of colors on the stage. Symmetry, beauty and sensuality and color are predominant in this very generous show. Café de Los Angelitos has a commitment with quality, where you can also enjoy the beautiful performance of the singers, who do not only sing but they also perform dance numbers it is not common having singers dancing as well.

At Café de los Angelitos food is at the same high standard of the show, with intense flavors in this gourmet menu, in the VIP but as well in the standard dinner. The menu has traditional dishes revised to become gourmet. One of the highlights is Tomatoes pie, angus steak, shrimp ravioli y the unmissable dulce de leche (crème caramel) cheesecake.

Café de Los Angelitos has walked a long way from being once a hangout for gangsters and low lifers, hence the irony of the name (Los Angelitos means Little Angels), to become a very tango venue during the golden Age of tango in the 30's and 40's. Where you could see among others iconic tango characters like Carlos Gardel.

Café de Los Angelitos offers, now days, one of the more fulfilling and sensual experiences for the good lovers of Tango.

Café de Los Angelitos Tango Show is the true demonstration of color, sensuality, luxury, beautiful dance and staging. A really spectacular Tango Show.

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Starts at: 8.30pm dinner, 10.10pm show.

Show duration: 1,30 hours.

Payment: Cash (Best rate, safe payment in the Tango House and Transfer in upgraded to private), PayPal, Credit card.

Ensamble: 5 musicians on stage, 2 singers, 10 Dancers.

*Full standard dinner, with drinks included, free round transfer with upgraded transfer in to direct private. Transfer back provided by the Tango House under their terms and conditions and confirmed before your payment. Safe and warranted payment.


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Show and Dinner (Three course meal - Wine or Beer - Water and Coffee)
Only Show (Wine or Beer - Water and Coffee)