El Viejo Almacén

El Viejo Almacén

Dinner Show (Show with dinner with drinks) From  U$S 104,90* 

Only Show (Show and a drink) From U$S 59,90*

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El Viejo Almacén in San Telmo is the first tango show of Buenos Aires and the most traditional tango show.

El Viejo Almacén was the first Tango Show of Buenos Aires. They focus in the traditional tango, though this Old Tango House also offers excellent stage tango and Latin-American folk music.

The spyrit of the show is happy and  energetic,  with a mix of traditional  tango - "brushing" the floor - , and stage tango.  The evening have skill and love for the dance, with euphoria and sensuality. The show takes place in a cozy venue and still providing an outstanding show. We cannot prize enough the quality of the quintet music performance, a group of seasoned tango musitians  with years and years of expertise, who show their joy at playing this beautiful music.. Hugo Marcel, the lead singer and one of the icons of tango, gives a passionate and very personal performance.

Argentinean folk dance is also present in this show and the dancers perform it graciously. 

Each group of the audience will have its own table. Talking about food: You´ll have many options to choose for each of the courses. Like like trout with herbs sauce on port wine and steamed vegetables sparkled with olive oil. Do not miss the trade mark of El Viejo Almacén: chocolate mousse showered with coconut shaves.

There are very few places as old as Viejo Almacén San Telmo, established in 1769 during Spanish colony. The place witnessed numerous historical events, to become later the first tango show of Buenos Aires. Many iconic artist have performed for demanding audiences like royalty or tycoons, as well as several generations of public from all over the world.

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Starts at: 8.30pm dinner, 10.10pm show.

Transport: Free for San Telmo, Recoleta, Madero, Palermo and Downtown. (additional USD15 apply for location outside the ones named).

Show duration: 1,40 hours.

Payment: Cash (Best rate, safe payment in the Tango House and Transfer in upgraded to private), PayPal, Credit card.

Ensamble: 8 musicians on stage, 2 singers, 8 Dancers.

*Full standard dinner, with drinks included, free round transfer with upgraded transfer in to direct private. Transfer back provided by the Tango House under their terms and conditions and confirmed before your payment. Safe and warranted payment.


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Show and Dinner (Three course meal - Wine or Beer - Water and Coffee)
Only Show (Wine or Beer - Water and Coffee)