Tango Porteño

Tango Porteño

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Tango Porteño Show is a fest of Argentinean culture, with colorful dance numbers of  humorous stage tango, followed by traditional tango. To complete the cultural fest there is also an impresive gaucho dance. Tango Porteno Show is home of the biggest tango shows in Buenos Aires and is steps away from the mythic Obelisk.

The scenography becomes another member of the cast faithfully recreating the great salons of the Golden Age of tango, and also the picturesque representations of the neighborhoods that were the cradle of the beloved tango.

Tango Porteño Show offers the most imposing dance and musical cast, with more than 25 artists on stage. The artists delight the public with very well put together choreographies, and the company of huge musical talent. Here you will find traditional tango "to the floor", this is when feet are barely lift, like "brushing" the floor while making creative arabesques. The spirit of whole evening is very animated and of great artistic skill.

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One of the highlights of the evening is the moment of Argentinean folk dance, when two dancers make super demonstrations of our own and vernacular dance ritual. These rituals are part of the gaucho traditions, and believe us, you will be yearning for more of the energy of our folk dance.

Lighting design is outstanding when creating a captivating surrounding to the different dance numbers. This theater featuring beautiful Art Deco, evokes the grand musical theaters of the olden times, when tango was present in every corner of Buenos Aires.

The band of seven musicians recreate the rhythm of the great composers of the golden times. The performance is faithful to the originals, which are performed with passionate precision.

Would you like to take your first tango lesson? You are welcome to join the group class at NO EXTRA CHARGE. The class is given by the same artists who you will see performing later on the stage.

The waiting staff provides an efficient service to all the tables, which are individual to each party. Despite that Tango Porteno Show is in the biggest theater, visibility is never compromised. The menu is a display of true Argentinean traditions with options like steak that will melt in your mouth, or an assortment of vernacular desserts.

Tango Porteño Show has the perfect balance between the picaresque of traditional tango and the skillful pirouettes of stage tango. All the show, from the tango, the folk dance and the music are wonderful sample of the Argentinean culture.

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Starts at: 8.30pm dinner, 10.10pm show. (Free optional Tango Lessons)

Show duration: 1,30 hours.

Payment: Cash (Best rate, safe payment in the Tango House and Transfer in upgraded to private), PayPal, Credit card

Ensamble: 12 musicians on stage, 2 singers, 14 Dancers

*Full standard dinner, with drinks included, free round transfer with upgraded transfer in to direct private. Transfer back provided by the Tango House under their terms and conditions and confirmed before your payment. Safe and warranted payment.


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