Piazzolla Tango

Piazzolla Tango

Dinner Show (Show with dinner with drinks)  U$S 104,90*

Only Show (Show and a drink) U$S 79,90*

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In Piazzolla Tango amazes with the best traditional tango with outstanding demonstrations of stage tango. The theater Piazzolla Tango its a jewel in intself, as it is of the most beautiful theaters of the city. The eveing includes an optional and free tango lessons.

Piazzolla Tango Show combines de best traditional tango with stage tango. There is a mix of glamour with respect with tradition. The performances are visually enchanting, with  stage tango and also de display of tango "to de floor", meaning a more intimate dance, with the feet "brushing" the floor and creating soft arabesques. The tango traditional tango band of five musicians delights with the excelent execution of  the renowned Astor Piazzolla, and also a wide repertoire of very well known classsics tangos that the amateur connoisseur will recognize fondly. 

They are much experimented musicians, committed with their art, with outmost respect with the styles of the different bands that created such beautiful music. Before dinner and the show you can join the FREE tango lesson (free and optional) offered by the same dancers performing later at the show.

Two singers skilfully add the lirycs to these  classic songs, in their solo and duet performances.

The theater of Piazzolla Tango Show is a hidden jewel in the heart of one of the oldest galleries of the city. The dance hall is fully decorated in golden tones and red velvet. It is literally a treasure rescued from the Belle Époque of Buenos Aires.

The menu is the perfect complement for the evening. It is a combination of the classic Argentinean meals with our meats and empanadas mixed with Italian "cucina" (which is now very Argentinean also) adding the typical Italian ravioli. All this before the exquisite and elaborated choices of dessert.

Piazzolla Tango Show is the best experience offering the traditions of tango with the modernity of the new tango. And the opportunity to live tango first hand by joining the FREE tango lesson.


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Starts at: 8.30pm dinner, 10.00pm show. (Free optional Tango Lessons)

Show duration: 1,30 hours.

Payment: Cash (Best rate, safe payment in the Tango House and Transfer in upgraded to private), PayPal, Credit card.

Ensamble: 7 musicians on stage, 2 singers, 12 Dancers.


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Show and Dinner (Three course meal - Wine or Beer - Water and Coffee)
Only Show (Wine or Beer - Water and Coffee)